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          T-Shirt Details


            Gildan Cotton T-Shirt

          Print area 3.5 " by 3.5"

          Welcome to our new design application

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          Welcome to our new design application!

          We've built in many improvements to make it easier and faster to design a t-shirt. In particular, there are 3 new features we'd like to highlight:

          1. Clipart Library: We now offer a library of diverse, high quality images for your use.
          2. Real-time Pricing: As you design you shirt, the price in the top-right corner will auto update.
          3. Sleeve Printing: Use the "left sleeve" and "right sleeve" buttons to design you sleeve.

          If your design was previously created on our old design application, you can still retrieve it. However, note that discrepancies may arise during the import process. Be sure to double-check you design before placing an order.

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